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Miami, Florida has been a major transportation and business hub for many years. This city of sunshine, is one of the leading tourism and resort business. It is situated at the mouth of the Miami River and it has many world wonders to visit and enjoy.
The origin of the name Miami came from the village of Tequesta Indians that Spaniards, in the 16th century, found in the area. The name “Mayaimi” is conspired to be referred to the name of the tribe or the referral of the Indians to what is today “Lake Okeechobee.” This term is known to be “big water” or “sweet water.” In 1567, the Spaniards tried to take over the land but it was a failure. However, the natives ceded the area to the Great Britain in 1763 and regained power from the British in 1783.
Known colonizers started moving within, what is now called, the “Miami Dade County” area. Among them was Julia D. Tuttle, known back then as “The Mother of Miami,” and William B. Brickell. Henry M. Flagler, railroad business man extended his business to South Florida after he made business arrangements with Tuttle and Brickell. He invested in Miami due to the weather proven to him by Tuttle during the winter time. His crops were all dead up north, so she sent him crops of Miami to prove that it did not affect this area. Flagler established the first hotel called the “Royal Palm Hotel.” After this major changes, the tourism business empire started in the beautiful city.
In the mid-1920’s, the area’s population was more than tripled. In 1926 a hurricane devastated the development. Miami went under reconstruction until the mid-1930’s, when the Art Deco era started. Unfortunately, it was not long until WWII started. When the war was over, many soldiers returned to live in the area. In the 1950’s and 60’s there was Latin American boom. Immigration from all over Latin America started growing, especially from Cuba due to their dictatorship.
During the 1980’s, Miami was known to be the capital of cocaine trade, this caused violence and racism against the immigrants in the early 1990’s. Nevertheless, by the end of the 20th century, our city of sunshine started to build back up and it is what it is today.